Hurricane Web Sources

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Hurricanes & Public Health
This page provides information on public health issues and provides links to other pertinent resources.
Christian Science Monitor
Notable Hurricanes in the Past Two Decades
This series of 13 images and text recount the most significant hurricanes that have struck during the last 20 years, including details such as Category, location, loss of life, number of homeless, date, and other statistics.
EPA – Hurricanes
Prepare & Recover from a Hurricane
Presents information on how to prepare for and recover from a hurricane (available in Spanish).
National Hurricane Center
Comprehensive Hurricane Resource
Offers a comprehensive collection of resources addressing general storm information, analysis and forecasting, hurricane awareness, and hurricane history (including deadliest, costliest, and most intense).
The National Hurricane Survival Initiative
Hurricane Preparedness
After the destruction wrought by Hurricane Katrina in 2005, a group of organizations including the National Hurricane Center and the National Emergency Management Association decided to pool their resources and create the National Hurricane Survival Initiative to inform the general public about hurricane preparedness. (available in Spanish)
Online NewsHour – Tracking Hurricanes
Tracking Hurricanes
Following Hurricane Isabel in 2003, this PBS program reported on the latest technologies meteorologists use to keep tabs on devastating storms and what new tools are being developed. Additionally, the site offers sections on basic hurricane information, hurricane facts and trivia, major Atlantic storms since 1995, and a link to their New England Hurricane of 1938 site.
Hurricane Fact Sheets
Launched to educate the public about the threat of hurricanes, this new USGS Web site offers seven easy-to-understand fact sheets. The site highlights resources and information available from USGS and provides links to the individual hazards' Web pages for more detailed information.