2008 Atlantic Hurricane Season: News, Photos, & Videos

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Hurricane Ike News & Facts

Storm Facts
• September 1 became Tropical Depression 9
• Damaged 90% of buildings on Grand Turk Island
• 61 people reported dead in Haiti
• 51 people reported dead in U.S.
• 6 million lost power in U.S.
• View Hurricane Ike's path
• Intensified to Category 4 hurricane in 12 hours, 3rd major hurricane of season
• Struck Turks & Caicos Islands, Dominican Republic, Haiti, Cuba, & Texas
Latest News
(10-23-08) Houston Chronicle – Many Bolivar Peninsula Residents Lack Water or Power
(10-21-08) Houston Chronicle – Ike Cleanup Bill for Area Colleges Put at $847 Million
(10-07-08) New York Times – Three Weeks After Storm, a Grim Task of Recovery
(09-26-08) Dallas Morning News – Texas DOT Tab So Far for Hurricane Ike is $75 Million
(09-23-08) Houston Chronicle – Hurricane Ike Forces Second Look at Coastal Development
(09-23-08) New York Times – Texas Asks for $2.2bn to Rebuild After Ike
(09-22-08) MSNBC – Galveston Lays Out Plan for Residents' Return
(09-22-08) USA Today – Millions Still Feeling Ike's Aftereffects
TxDOT: Road Clean-Up Cost Up to $20M
(09-18-08) Houston Chronicle – U.S. Secretary of Transportation Promises More Aid for Houston-Galveston Recovery
(09-17-08) International Herald Tribune – Ike Leaves Midwest in the Dark After Rain, Winds
(09-17-08) Houston Chronicle – Up to 1.1 Million May Still be Without Power Next Tuesday
(09-16-08) BBC – Bush surveys Hurricane Ike damage
(09-15-08) Houston Chronicle – Texas Lawmakers to Push for Federal Rebuilding Aid
(09-15-08) New York Times – Rescues Continue in Texas; Millions Without Power
Multimedia: In Ike's Wake
(09-15-08) Weather Underground – Ike hammers the Midwest; fate of those on Bolivar Peninsula still unknown
(09-15-08) New York Times – After Surviving Storm, Fleeing a Fetid, Devastated Galveston
(09-15-08) Houston Chronicle – Politicians, FEMA blame each other for relief missteps
(09-15-08) Houston Chronicle – Millions struggle to cope with property losses, shortages
(09-14-08) New York Times – Rescuers Fear for Those Stuck on Texas Peninsula
(09-12-08) Weather.com – Hurricane Ike Notes, Stats, Facts: Updated Frequently
(09-12-08) New York Times – Dire Warning as Hurricane Ike Nears Texas
(09-12-08) BBC – "Certain Death" Warning Over Ike
(09-12-08) Houston Chronicle – Hurricane Central: Latest from Houston / Galveston Area
Hurricane Ike: Images
Ike now targeting Galveston. Here are two scenarios
(09-12-08) Weather.gov – Hurricane Ike approaching Upper Texas Coast
(09-12-08) BBC – Turks & Caicos: Paradise Flattened
(09-11-08) Bloomberg.com – Hurricane Ike Heads Toward Texas, Strengthens in Gulf
(09-11-08) Houston Chronicle – Ike Coming Dangerously Close to Houston Area
Satellite Image of Ike
(09-11-08) New York Times – Thousands in Texas Flee Hurricane Ike
(09-10-08) BBC – Hurricane Ike Barrels Over Cuba
Pictures: Hurricane Ike Strikes Cuba Again
(09-10-08) Reuters – Hurricane Ike to Strengthen Before Hitting Texas
(09-10-08) Bloomberg.com – Hurricane Ike Enters Gulf, Heads for Coast of Texas
(09-10-08) Weather Underground – Meteorologist Dr. Jeff Masters Hurricane Blog
(09-09-08) St. Petersburg Times – Ike Expected to Reach the Gulf on Wednesday
(09-09-08) International Herald Tribune – 1.2 Million Flee Havana as Ike Nears
Hurricane Ike Kills 4 in Cuba
(09-08-08) BBC – Hurricane Ike Closes in on Havana
Havana Prepares for the Worst
Hurricane Ike Video
Hurricane Ike Photos
(09-07-08) BBC – Caribbean Lashed by Hurricane Ike
(09-06-08) BBC – "Hundreds" Killed by Haiti Storm

Tropical Storm Hannah News & Facts

Storm Facts
• Developed August 28
• 65mph sustained winds, gusting to 75mph
• 137+ deaths attributed to Hannah, mainly in Haiti
• Struck Haiti, Bahamas, & projected to hit southeastern US
• Hurricane watch posted for South Carolina, North Carolina & Virginia
Latest News
(09-05-08) BBC – Flooded Haitians "in Dire Need"
Pictures – Haiti's Struggling Relief Effort
(09-05-08) Weather Underground – Track Hannah's projected path
(09-04-08) BBC – Haiti Facing Storm "Catastrophe"
Storm Damage in Haiti
(09-02-08) BBC – Eyewitness: Haiti's Storm Ordeals
(09-01-08) WCPO.com – Hurricane Hanna Hits Bahamas, Threatens US
(09-01-08) International Herald Tribune – Hurricane Hanna Could Hit Southeast US
(08-28-08) TransWorldNews – Tropical Depression 8 Forms Tropical Storm Hannah in Leeward Islands

Hurricane Gustav News & Facts

Storm Facts
• Developed in the fourth week of August
• Reached category 4 with maximum winds 150 mph
• 125 deaths reported
• Approximately $20 billion in damage
• Struck Haiti, the Dominican Republic, Jamaica, Cuba, & Louisana
Latest News
(09-05-08) Stateline.org – Gustav Draws Attention to Fla. Generator Law
(09-05-08) Maritime Reporter – Coast Guard Working to Reopen Ports
(09-04-08) Bloomberg – New Orleans Levees, Secure, May Fail Bigger Test
(09-04-08) WDSU.com – Port Of New Orleans Spared Serious Damage
(09-03-08) GPO – A Failure of Initiative: Hurricane Katrina Final Report
(09-03-08) BBC – New Orleans Ready for Mass Return
(09-02-08) New York Times – New Orleans Officials Tell Residents Not to Return Yet
(09-02-08) BBC – Gustav's 'Pure Terror' for Cubans
(09-02-08) BBC – Caution Urged as Gustav Weakens
Hurricane Gustav videos
Hurricane Gustav pictures
(09-02-08) New York Times – Spared a Direct Hit, New Orleans Exhales
(09-01-08) Reuters – Gustav Shuts Ports, Waterways from Texas to Florida
• The projected path of hurricane Gustav, view the map
(08-29-08) Bloomberg.com – Gustav Floods Jamaica; Louisiana Sees Revisit of 2005

Tropical Storm Fay News & Facts

Storm Facts
• Developed August 7
• 2 highest recorded rainfall amounts: 27.65 inches at Melbourne, Florida and 27.50 inches at Thomasville, Georgia
• 39 deaths attributed to tropical storm Fay
• Damage totals are quite high, but final amount yet to be determined
• 1st storm to make landfall 7 times: Haiti, Dominican Republic, Cuba, and Florida 4 times.
Latest News
(08-27-08) International Herald Tribune – Fay Leaves Behind Lots of Water for Fla. Lake
(08-23-08) Associated Press – Fay's 4th Florida Landfall is One for Record Books
(08-21-08) WKMG.com – Fay Dumps Record-Breaking Rain
(08-21-08) National Geographic – Tropical Storm Fay's Land-Hugging Path Kept It Weak
(08-21-08) Associated Press – Fay Forces More Floridians to Flee
Tropical Storm Video
(08-15-08) ABC News – Tropical Storm Fay Forms Over Dominican Republic