Haiti Earthquake 2010: Facts, Engineering, Images & Maps

The Carribbean island nation of Haiti is well familiar with weather-related disasters. The country had not yet recovered from the havoc wreaked by catastrophic storms in 2008 that left a thousand dead and up to 1 million homeless¹ when a devastating 7M earthquake struck on January 12 at 1653 local time (2153 GMT). The massive tremor's epicenter was approximately 10 miles southwest from the capital, Port-au-Prince, and at a depth of 6.2 miles² and is the most powerful to hit in 200 years.

Chaos and fear on this island nation is tangible. Haiti's President has appealed for international aid after dozens of aftershocks have ensued, stating that: "Parliament has collapsed. The tax office has collapsed. Schools have collapsed. Hospitals have collapsed."³


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  • 6 months later, less than 5% of the 20-25 million cubic yards of debris has been removed NY Times
  • Toll of the Haiti quake is more than twice that of any previous magnitude-7.0 event, and the fourth worst since 1900 Nature
  • Death toll revised to 316,000 CBC News
  • $9.9B pledged by international community BBC
  • Action Plan for National Recovery and Development Government of the Republic of Haiti
  • $11.5 Billion at least for reconstruction BBC
  • roughly 7% (84,000) of the 1.2 million Haitians displaced are elderly NY Times
  • 245,000 ruined or hopelessly damaged structures to produce 30-78 million cubic yards of rubble, per UN rapid assessment teams Washington Post
  • Tsunami triggered by January quake BBC
  • Threat of additional damaging earthquakes in Haiti will remain for the next year USGS report
  • 25% of Haiti's electric customers have service restored one month after CNN
  • Estimating the Direct Economic Damage of the Earthquake in Haiti Inter-American Development Bank report
  • 270m euros pledged by France in reconstruction aid BBC
  • $12m Canadian for new government headquarters BBC
  • G7 pledges debt relief for Haiti BBC
  • Emergency aid appeal hits 95% of $577m target BBC
  • $8-$14 billion reconstruction costs, per Inter-American Development Bank Reuters
  • Comparisons between recent devastating earthquakes – Sichuan, China 2008, l'Aquila, Italy 2009 and Port-au-Prince, Haiti 2010 BBC
  • About 20% of the city's structures collapsed and perhaps 80% of those still standing suffered serious damage, according to UN officials NPR
  • Up to 97% of the city's schools destoyed NY Times
  • 80% of major destruction in Port-au-Prince; 180 government buildings destroyed; 200 million cubic yards of debris needing to be removed Washington Post
  • Aftershock sequence of the 7.0M earthquake that struck January 12, will continue for months, if not years USGS
  • Map of earthquake and aftershocks USGS
  • 400,000 to be resettled outside Port-au-Prince Telegraph
  • 1.5 million homeless BBC
  • 6.1M earthquake hits January 20, 35 miles WSW of Port-au-Prince USGS report
  • 1 in 10 homes in Port-au-Prince destroyed BBC
  • 26 search and rescue teams hunting for survivors BBC
  • IRIS Recent Earthquakes – Haiti
  • Strike-slip fault caused the earthquake
  • Four dozen aftershocks USGS list
  • 7.0M earthquake hits Haiti January 12, 2010 USGS Report

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