Hurricane Irene 2011: Latest Facts, News, Photos & Maps

As the first major hurricane of the 2011 season, Hurricane Irene came ashore the Outer Banks of North Carolina as a Category 1 storm after having caused considerable flooding to island nations located in the Caribbean and causing more than a billion dollars of destruction in the Bahamas alone.¹ The potential for devastation resulted in emergency planners shutting down New York City's subway network, the closure of the area's three airports, and an evacuation of more than 300,000 people from low-lying areas. The East Coast began a lengthy cleanup and recovery effort that stretched as far as Vermont as severe flooding followed in the storm's wake. ² The natural disaster resulted in at least 45 casualties and experts assessed the total damage, including uninsured losses, could range from $5 billion to $7 billion.³


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  • Enhancements to Hospital Resiliency: Improving Emergency Planning for and Response to Hurricanes
  • MCEER–09–0007
  • Hurricane Gustav Reconnaissance: Damage Survey using the VIEWS System
  • MCEER–08–SP08
  • Hurricane Gustav Reconnaissance: Lessons Learned by New Orleans Hospitals from Katrina to Gustav
  • MCEER–08–SP07
  • Damage to Engineered Bridges from Wind, Storm Surge and Debris in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina
  • MCEER–08–SP05
  • Remote Sensing for Resilient Multi-Hazard Disaster Response, Volume V: Integration of Remote Sensing Imagery and VIEWS Field Data for Post-Hurricane Charley Building Damage Assessment
  • MCEER–08–0024
  • Remote Sensing for Resilient Multi-Hazard Disaster Response, Volume IV: A Study of Multi-Temporal and Multi-Resolution SAR Imagery for Post-Katrina Flood Monitoring in New Orleans
  • MCEER–08–0023
  • Damage to Engineered Buildings and Lifelines from Wind, Storm Surge and Debris following Hurricane Katrina
  • MCEER–07–SP03
  • Public Health and Environmental Infrastructure Implications of Hurricanes Katrina and Rita
  • MCEER–07–SP02
  • Advanced Damage Detection for Hurricane Katrina: Integrating Remote Sensing Images and VIEWS Field Reconnaissance
  • MCEER–06–SP02
  • Hospital Decision Making in the Wake of Hurricane Katrina: The Case of New Orleans
  • MCEER–06–SP01
  • MCEER/NHRAIC Response to Hurricane Charley: Collection of Satellite-Reference Building Damage Information in the Aftermath of Hurricane Charley
  • MCEER–04–SP04