2004 Annual Meeting
Los Angeles, California
January 14 - 16, 2004

Practitioners Day

Thursday, January 15


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Welcoming Remarks

Michel Bruneau, MCEER Director

Overview: MCEER Education Activities

Andrea Dargush, MCEER Assistant Director for Education and Research Administration

Overview: Overarching Center-Wide Activities

Michel Bruneau

Overview: Research Activities in Seismic
Evaluation and Retrofit of Lifeline Networks

Masanobu Shinozuka

Tom O’Rourke

Leaders, MCEER Research Thrust I

Overview: Research Activities in Seismic
Retrofit of Acute Care Facilities

Andre Filiatrault, MCEER Deputy Director
Leader, MCEER Research Thrust II

Overview: Research Activities in Earthquake
Response and Recovery

Kathleen Tierney
Leader, MCEER Research Thrust III


Engaging Community...Enlisting Opinion...Attaining Resilience