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When the next disaster strikes, will our disaster resilience measure up?

photo of car flipped over damaged road

When the 1994 Northridge Earthquake shook Southern California, in just 15 seconds it claimed 57 lives, injured 9000 others, and left an estimated $20 billion in damage.

photo of smoking ground zero rubble

When the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks hit our homeland, in less than two hours, nearly 3,000 perished, as government leaders and first responders came face to face with a new form of disaster.

photo of flattened house and debris on ground

When Hurricane Katrina ripped through the Gulf Coast, in only a matter of days, it claimed perhaps as many as 1,300 lives, wreaked more than $75 billion in damage, and left an estimated economic impact of $200 billion, from which it could take 25 years to recover.

Our resilience against disasters is not only measured by how well we respond, repair and recapture whatís been lost, itís also measured by how well we strengthen, prepare and protect whatís already been put in place, before disaster strikes.

When the next disaster strikes, will our disaster resilience measure up? Only you Ö and time will tell.

Student Posters

Seismic Design and Rehabilitation Strategies for Power Systems with Considerations to Other Extreme Events (2006) (pdf 2.31 mb)

Navid H. Allahverdi Pur; New Jersey Institute of Technology; advisor: M. Saadeghvaziri

Resilience of Seismically Retrofitted Structures (2006) (pdf 1.06 mb)

Gian Paolo Cimellaro, University at Buffalo; advisor: A.M. Reinhorn

Experimental Evaluation of the Seismic Performance of Hospital Copper Piping Systems (2006) (pdf 3.07 mb)

Robert Corbin, University of Nevada, Reno

Evolutionary Aseismic Design and Retrofit of Adjacent Buildings (2006) (pdf 2.21 mb)

Seda Dogruel; University at Buffalo; advisor: G.F. Dargush

Experimental Seismic Performance Evaluation of ASHRAE-type Isolation/Restraint Systems (2006) (pdf 7.65 mb)

Saeed Fathali; University at Buffalo; advisor: A. Filiatrault

Introduction to the Double Concave Friction Pendulum Bearing (pdf 0.45 mb)

Daniel M. Fenz

Investigation of the Effects of Extreme Wind Events on Civil Structures (2006) (pdf 0.11 mb)

Marlon D. Hill, Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University; advisor: M. Abdullah

Evolutionary Methodologies for Aseismic Design and Decision Support (2006) (pdf 0.08 mb)

Yufeng Hu; University at Buffalo; advisor: G.F. Dargush

Application of Fragility-Based Decision Support Methodologies (2006) (pdf 0.98 mb)

Cagdas Kafali; Cornell University; advisor: M. Grigoriu

Qualification Test of 230kV Vertical-Break Disconnect Switch System (2006) (pdf 4.84 mb)

D. Kong; University at Buffalo; investigators: A.M. Reinhorn; A. Filiatrault; A. Schiff

Modeling of Fire Following Earthquakes (2006) (pdf 0.86 mb)

Selina W. Lee; Cornell University; advisor: Rachel A. Davidson

Functionally Optimized Fiber Reinforced Polymer Panels for Seismic Engergy Dissipation (2006) (pdf 1 mb)

Xiaobo Luo, University at Buffalo; advisor: A.J. Aref

Progressive Collapse Analysis of a Building Using Linear Static Procedure (2006) (pdf 0.64 mb)

Cuong Nguyen, California State University at Los Angeles; advisor: R. Purasinghe

Analytical and Experimental Investigation of Controlled Rocking Bridge Steel Truss Piers (2006) (pdf 3.45 mb)

Michael Pollino; University at Buffalo; advisor: M. Bruneau

Full Scale Steel Plate Shear Wall: MCEER/NCREE Phase II Tests (2006) (pdf 7.23 mb)

Bing Qu, University at Buffalo; advisor: M. Bruneau

Experimental Study on the Seismic Behavior of Nonstructural Components Subjected to Full-Scale Floor Motions (2006)  (pdf 3.39 mb)

Rodrigo Retamales, University at Buffalo; advisors: G. Mosqueda, A. Filiatrault and A.M. Reinhorn

Global Retrofit Techniques-Weakening and Damping via Rocking Columns and Dampers (2006) (pdf 0.21 mb)

Hwasung Roh

Virtual Laboratory for Experimental Structural Dynamics (2006) (pdf 0.52 mb)

Sung-Han Sim, University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign; advisor: B.F. Spencer

Post-Earthquake Restoration Modeling for Water Supply Systems (2006) (pdf 1.36 mb)

Taronne H. P. Tabucchi, Cornell University; advisor: R. Davidson

Seismic Response of Steel Framed Hospital Buildings with Self-Centering Systems (2006) (pdf 0.47 mb)

Dong Wang, University at Buffalo; advisor: A. Filiatrault

Seismic Retrofit of A Reinforced Concrete Hospital Building in the Eastern US (2006) (pdf 0.3 mb)

Hongbo Wang, University at Buffalo; advisor; G.C. Lee