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When the next disaster strikes, will our disaster resilience measure up?

photo of car flipped over damaged road

When the 1994 Northridge Earthquake shook Southern California, in just 15 seconds it claimed 57 lives, injured 9000 others, and left an estimated $20 billion in damage.

photo of smoking ground zero rubble

When the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks hit our homeland, in less than two hours, nearly 3,000 perished, as government leaders and first responders came face to face with a new form of disaster.

photo of flattened house and debris on ground

When Hurricane Katrina ripped through the Gulf Coast, in only a matter of days, it claimed perhaps as many as 1,300 lives, wreaked more than $75 billion in damage, and left an estimated economic impact of $200 billion, from which it could take 25 years to recover.

Our resilience against disasters is not only measured by how well we respond, repair and recapture whatís been lost, itís also measured by how well we strengthen, prepare and protect whatís already been put in place, before disaster strikes.

When the next disaster strikes, will our disaster resilience measure up? Only you Ö and time will tell.

Day 2: 2006 MCEER Annual Meeting

Friday, June 30, 2006

Plenary Session

Embracing the Future: Navigating the Federal Landscape

Michel Bruneau

Expanding Partnerships and Outreach

Donald Goralski, MCEER Partnerships and Andre Filiatrault, MCEER Deputy Director

Overview: MCEER Education and Diversity Activities

S. "Theva" Thevanayagam, University at Buffalo

Student Leadership Council Overview

Michael Pollino, Chair, MCEER SLC

MCEER 2005 Best Student Article Presentation: "Seismic Response of Hybrid Systems with Metallic and Viscous Dampers"

Student Competition Winner Ramiro Vargas, Ph.D., Technological University of Panama | More

IAB Plenary Session

Moderator: Ellis Stanley, IAB Chair

Planning for Post Earthquake Water Delivery Using Portable Pumps

David Lee, East Bay Municipal Utility District

Educating Building Owners About Seismic Performance

Andrew Taylor, KPFF Consulting Engineers

A Shopping List - Half a Dozen Things We Need to Get On With Making Buildings More Resilient

Jay Lewis, Terra Firm

Seismic Construction in an Operational Hospital

R. Jay Love, Degenkolb Engineers

How do I Seismically Certify This?

Francis Jehrio, York, A Johnson Controls Company

Use of Experience Data for Seismic Qualifications of Equipment

John Dizon and Steve Eder, Facility Risk Consultants

Effective Execution of Seismic Restraint Systems for Non-Structural Components in New and Retro-Fit Construction

Allan LaRoche, ISAT Seismic Bracing