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As a result of the success of and impacts resulting from the First and Second National Seismic Conferences on Bridges and Highways, which were held in San Diego, California in December 1995 and Sacramento, California in July 1997 respectively, the Federal Highway Administration, Oregon Department of Transportation, and Washington State Department of Transportation are co-hosting the Third National Seismic Conference and Workshop on Bridges and Highways.

The Third National Conference will be held on April 28 through May 1, 2002 in Portland, Oregon.

The objective of the conference is to provide a forum for the exchange of information on current national and regional practices and research for seismic-resistant design and retrofit of new and existing bridges and highway systems in all seismic zones. The conference will focus on advances in engineering and technology that provide increased seismic safety of highway bridges, other highway structures, and highway systems in the new millennium. In addition, an International Forum will be conducted by invited speakers from countries that have implemented advanced earthquake design and mitigation technologies and approaches.

New and innovative technologies in earthquake engineering and information on the latest research and developments affecting earthquake engineering will be displayed in the conference's Technology Show and Information Display.



The conference will provide a forum for information on current practices and research for seismic-resistant design and retrofit of bridges and highway systems in all seismic zones. Conference session topics will include:

  • Lessons Learned from Recent Earthquakes (Since 1998)
  • Seismic Design Practices and Specifications
  • Design of Major Bridges in High and Moderate Seismicity Areas
  • Effects of Near Field Earthquakes on Bridges
  • Seismic Practices for Transportation Structures and Systems
  • Displacement Based Design
  • Emerging Seismic Design and Retrofit Technologies
  • Development and Testing of the New LRFD Seismic Design Specifications for Highway Bridges



The Conference is intended for bridge and highway engineers, design consultants, researchers, and federal, state and local transportation agency owners and representatives interested in learning more about advances in earthquake-resistant design and retrofitting, highway system performance, and the latest in research results.



The conference theme is "Advances in Engineering and Technology for the Seismic Safety of Bridges in the New Millennium." Nearly 50 presentations and 20 poster presentations will focus on the latest advancements in earthquake design and retrofit, and on new and innovative technologies -- including the latest research and developments in earthquake engineering for bridges, highway systems, and components.