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Program Highlights

Conference Program

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The Conference Program (pdf) is available for download. Individual sections are available as well:

Special Sessions:

Accelerated Bridge Construction Applications in California

Download the report Accelerated Bridge Construction Applications in California: A Lessons Learned Report (pdf) based on the presentation Strategic Implementation Plan for Accelerated Bridge
Construction in California
(pdf) by Kevin Thompson, Michael Keever, and Raymond Wolfe

Invited Speakers

Download Invited Speaker Biographies (pdf)


James Cooper Best Paper Awards

Two “best paper” awards were given in honor of the late James Cooper, who for many years led the FHWA’s seismic research program. 



Best Poster Award

This award was given to the authors of the poster judged to best communicate the concepts presented in their technical paper and make a significant contribution to extreme event engineering.

Student Bridge Design Competition

photo of students assembling bridge

The team from the University of Missouri-Columbia won the undergraduate seismic bridge design competition.

Five undergraduate student teams from the University of Missouri - Columbia, University of Colorado at Boulder, Purdue University, Oregon State University and the University of South Carolina participated as finalists in a bridge design competition.  The students on each team built a model using their own design and the bridge was subjected to an earthquake simulator test.  The winner was a group of sophomores comprising the “Mizzou Seismic Design Team” from the University of Missouri - Columbia. 

Download Awards (pdf)

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