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Presentations, Papers and Bios

Download Agenda (pdf).

Session 1: Welcome and Opening Remarks

G. Edward Gibson, Jr., Architectural Engineering Institute (AEI)
presentation (pdf)

AEI Strategy For Multi-Hazard Engineering
Amar Chaker, Architectural Engineering Institute (AEI)
bio (pdf) | presentation (pdf)

The 4 Rs of Resilience and Multi-Hazard Engineering
Michel Bruneau, MCEER
bio (pdf) | presentation (pdf)

Session 2: On Application of Theory of Multi-Hazards to Bridge Design, Analysis, and Monitoring
Sreenivas Alampalli (presenter), New York State Department of Transportation and Mohammed Ettouney, Weidlinger Associates, Inc.
bio (pdf) | presentation (pdf)

Session 3: Assessment and Mitigation of Risk from Competing Low-Probability, High-Consequence Hazards
Bruce R. Ellingwood, Georgia Institute of Technology
bio (pdf) | presentation (pdf) | abstract (pdf)

Session 4: System Performance under Multi-Hazards
Mircea Grigoriu, Cornell University
bio (pdf) | presentation (pdf) | paper (pdf)

Session 5: A Framework for Risk Assessment of Infrastructure in a Multi-Hazard Environment
Anne Kiremedjian, Stanford University, for Stephanie King, Weidlinger Associates, Inc.
bio-King (pdf) | presentation (pdf) | abstract (pdf)

Session 6: Lessons from 9/11 and Katrina
Paul F. Mlakar, U.S. Army Research and Development Center
bio (pdf) | presentation (pdf) | paper (pdf)

Session 7: The Need for Integrated Multi-Hazard Engineering Design Solutions to Enhance Disaster Resilience
Michel Bruneau, MCEER
bio (pdf) | presentation (pdf)

Session 8: A Need for Risk-Consistent Approach to Multi-Hazard Engineering
Vilas Mujumdar, National Science Foundation
bio (pdf) | presentation (pdf) | abstract (pdf)

Session 9: Analyzing Infrastructure Vulnerabilities to Multiple Hazards
Rae Zimmerman, New York University for Thomas O’Rourke, Cornell University
bio (pdf) | presentation (pdf) | abstract (pdf)

Session 10: Risk Management Series and FEMA Multi-Hazards Risk Management Assessments 
Milagros Kennett, FEMA/Department of Homeland Security
bio (pdf) | presentation (pdf) | paper (pdf)

Session 11: Critical Issues in Achieving a Resilient Transportation Infrastructure
Joseph Englot (pdf) and Ted Zoli, HNBT Corporation
bio, Englot (pdf) | bio, Zoli (pdf) | presentation (pdf) | paper (pdf)

Session 12: Theory of Multi-Hazards: A Quantification Procedure to the Process
Mohammed Ettouney, Weidlinger Associaties, Inc.
bio (pdf) | presentation (pdf)

Session 13: Expert Panel: Identifying the Path(s) Forward for Multi-Hazard Engineering
Bruce R. Ellingwood, Joseph Englot, Milagros Kennett and Vilas Mujumdar