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Preliminary Report on the Ohio-Pennsylvania (Pymatuning) Earthquake of September 25, 1998

In Brief

map of the ohio eq September 25, 1998--A moderate earthquake occurred near the border of Ohio and Pennsylvania about 15 miles north of Sharon, Pennsylvania at 1:53 PM MDT on September 25, 1998 (3:53 PM EDT in Ohio). A preliminary magnitude of 5.2 was computed for this earthquake. The magnitude and location may change slightly as additional data are received from other seismograph stations. The earthquake was felt in parts of Michigan, New York, Ohio and Pennsylvania. It was also felt in southern Ontario, Canada. This is the largest earthquake in this area since a magnitude 5.0 which occurred January 31, 1986. There have been no reports of damage. MCEER has no reports of damage or casualty at this time.

Earthquake Numbers

date (UTC) time lat lon dep mag Q comments
98/09/25 19:52:52 41.5N 80.5W   5.0-5.2Lg A OHIO
These figures were taken from USGS data on the 98/09/25 event

For More Information

The Pennsylvania Topographic & Geologic Survey has prepared a more extensive summary of this earthquake.

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