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November 13, 1998--MCEER has joined in an effort under the auspices of FEMA Region II to build a Consortium of interested organizations to collectively define and assess the vulnerabilities of the New York metropolitan area to credible earthquake hazards.

Academic institutions, municipal, state, and federal emergency management and public service agencies, and private corporations are invited to participate in the consortium's activities. As seismic characterizations and a built environment inventory are developed for the metropolitan area, the consortium will work to further foster awareness by targeting key groups with accurate vulnerability and loss estimation data and by providing technical assistance on loss reduction strategies.

MCEER is responsible for overall coordination of the project, which is overseen by a Technical Coordinator, Guy Nordenson of Princeton University, with technical advisement on seismic issues provided by Klaus Jacob and staff of Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory.

An Executive Committee for the project consists of representatives of

An external technical advisory board for the project includes:

The Technical Advisory Board held its initial meeting during the 6th US National Conference on Earthquake Engineering in May 1998.

For background information on hazards and their potential effect on New York, we have prepared Disaster Damage: Costs Issues for the New York City Area. This annotated bibliography is offered in Acrobat format only (nyc.pdf 11 KB). You will need the Adobe Acrobat reader to view it, which you can download from here.

For additional information about Consortium activities, contact:

Bruce Swiren
Earthquake and Hurricane Programs Manager
FEMA Region II
Telephone: 212-225-7230.


Andrea Dargush
University at Buffalo
Red Jacket Quadrangle
Buffalo, NY
Telephone: 716-645-3391
Fax: 716-645-3399

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