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The Mexico Earthquake, September 30, 1999

In Brief

mexeq1099.gif (14831 bytes)September 30, 1999--A large earthquake struck in Oaxaca State, Mexico earthquake at 11:31 AM Mexico time. Oaxaca State is in  seismic zone D.  It is an area with an history of large and frequent earthquake activity.   According to the UNAM National Seismological Service, the region is at risk from   earthquakes with  peak ground accelerations as high as 70 % of g.  There were reports of damage and casualties in the near field,  with minor damage also reported as far away as  Mexico City. The event was estimated to have occurred at a depth of 12 km. No tsunami was recorded at Manzanillo, Mexico, and no tsunami watch or warning is in effect. The location of the earthquake was 16.2 degrees north and 96.7 degrees west, placing it on the Pacific coast near the small town of San Agustin Loxicha.


Earthquake Numbers

Date Time Lat Long Depth Mag Region
99/09/30 11:31:14 15.89 -97.07 12 (Km) 7.4 Costa de Oaxaca


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