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November 2000


MCEER's Strategic Partnerships Network welcomes eight Charter Members to its Structural Control Specialty Interest Group (SIG), and seven Center investigators to serve as Technology Advisors on structural control issues. 


Charter Members of the Strategic Partnership Network

At the Flagship Partner level, new charter members include 

At the Premier Partners level:

At the Partner level:

Enidine, Taylor Devices, Dynamic Isolation Systems, and Earthquake Protection Systems are leading manufacturers of structural control technologies. 

Weidlinger Associates, Cannon Design, Imbsen & Associates, and Thornton-Tomasetti are consulting engineering firms. 

Profiles of these partner companies will appear in future issues of the MCEER Bulletin

Additional information on MCEER's Strategic Partnerships Network, and links to these companies' web sites can be found at


New Technology Advisors for Structural Control Interest Group

Structural Control Technology Advisors include: 

  • Andrew Whittaker (UB)
  • Michael Constantinou (UB)
  • George Lee (MCEER/UB)
  • Andrei Reinhorn (UB)
  • Larry Soong (UB)
  • Stuart Chen (UB)
  • Gary Dargush (UB), and 
  • Zach Liang (UB). 

Constantinou, Lee, Reinhorn, and Soong will serve as Principal Technology Advisors due to their years of structural control experience. Technology Advisors will serve as a resource to members of the Strategic Partnerships Network, sharing their knowledge and expertise through meetings, lectures and discussions. They will also assist in the development of member programs such as educational short courses, "Practitioner in Residence Fellowships," student projects and internships, and other programs that advance member interests. Additional partners and advisors will be added as the program expands.


Strategic Partnerships Network  at MCEER's Annual Investigators Meeting

Members of the Strategic Partnerships Network gathered at MCEER's Annual Investigators Meeting, November 2-4, 2000, in Buffalo. They received updates and previews regarding future plans of Center research. Partners also provided input and feedback, and met to discuss new initiatives for the Structural Control Specialty Interest Group. 

A report on this meeting is available in appears in the Fall 2000 Issue of MCEER Bulletin. (145kb)  PDF Icon


About MCEER's Strategic Partnerships Network  

MCEER's Strategic Partnerships Network links world-renowned researchers with practitioners in business, industry, and government, to serve common goals. The program seeks to unite the entire technology "application chain" - researchers, manufacturers, consultants, software developers, and users of advancing technologies - in an effort to collectively advance technology application. It offers numerous member benefits including Specialty Interest Groups (SIGs) that focus on research, development and application of specific technologies such as structural control. The program's hope is to develop greater opportunities for all, through increased networking and cooperative initiatives. For information on the MCEER Strategic Partnerships Network, contact Donald J. Goralski at:

Business Development & Strategic Partnerships
University at Buffalo
133A Ketter Hall
Buffalo, New York 14260
Tel: 716-645-5151
Fax: 716-645-3399

or visit the "Partnerships" section on the MCEER Web site at

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