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Announcing a Webcast and Seminar presented by

Dominic Kelly
Simpson Gumpertz & Heger Inc.

Design Philosophy in Regions of Low-to-Moderate Seismicity

Date: Friday, April 6, 2001 
Time: 2:30 4:00 PM 
Location:140 Ketter Hall, University at Buffalo 

"The design philosophy in regions of low-to-moderate seismicity is and should be different than the philosophy in regions of high seismicity. Differences in intensity of ground shaking, the amount of drift buildings undergo, and the inherent lateral strength of the gravity systems justifies these differences. But, the design philosophy in regions of low-to-moderate seismicity is not as well developed as it is in regions of high seismicity. This results in greater inconsistencies in the level of life-safety and property damage protection that various building types provide in low-to-moderate regions. 

Mr. Kelly will discuss why a different design philosophy is justified in regions of low-to-moderate seismicity and why the current design and construction practices will likely lead to greater inconsistency in building response to a seismic event. He will focus on differences in intensity of ground shaking for earthquakes of varying return periods, differences in the amount of building drift expected, and differences in the structural configurations and details that designers specify in regions of low-to-moderate seismicity versus regions of high seismicity."

This seminar will be webcast. Please visit this website: for details. 

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