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Past News Stories


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Past News Stories: 2001

Frequency Domain Analysis of Long-Span Bridges Subjected to Non-Uniform Seismic Motion

Incorporating Effects of Near Fault Tectonic Deformation Into Design Ground Motions

MCEER Researchers Study Structural Engineering And Emergency Response In Wake Of World Trade Center Attacks

MCEER Partnerships Network Welcomes Six New Partners

Third National Seismic Conference and Workshop on Bridges and Highways


Earthquake Danger in Northeast Highlighted by New USGS Map

Design Philosophy in Regions of Low-to-Moderate Seismicity: a Seminar Presented by Dominic Kelly

Seminar Presented by Diego Garcia: A Simple Method For The Design of Optimal Damper Configurations in MDOF Structures

Seminar Presented by William J Petak: Mitigation,  A Framework For Analysis

Seminar Webcast: Seismic Evaluation And Retrofit Of Water Supply Lifelines

Raising Earthquake Awareness in the Eastern United States

EQNET Links for the El Salvador Earthquake, January 13, 2001