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MCEER Investigator Co-authors Book on Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics

Elements of Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics – Third Edition


Andre Filiatrault, an MCEER investigator and professor in the Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering at the University at Buffalo, co-authored a book on earthquake engineering and structural dynamics that addresses seismic design practices in both Canada and the United States. Primarily intended for senior undergraduate and graduate structural engineering students and university educators as well as practicing engineers, the book provides an introductory understanding of earthquake engineering and the basic knowledge needed to apply the seismic provisions contained within American and Canadian building codes.

The book also includes chapters on seismology and seismicity; analysis of seismic hazards and structural and soil dynamics; supplemental damping and seismic isolation; and seismic design and detailing for steel, reinforced-concrete, and light-frame wood buildings as well as nonstructural components.

Elements of Earthquake Engineering and Structural Dynamics – Third Edition, by Andre Filiatrault, Robert Tremblay, Constantin Christopoulos, Bryan Folz, & Didier Pettinga, 874 pages, is available from Presses Internationales Polytechnique for CAD $148.00.


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