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MCEER Partnerships

In an effort to further its research, education, and technology transfer activities, MCEER engages in numerous external partnerships. These play an indispensable role in the testing and development of earthquake loss-reduction methodology, strategy and technology. To benefit different types of organizations, MCEER's pursues a variety of partnership ventures, each tailored to benefit its partners and to further the Center's mission and strategic objectives. Partnerships with Industry and Users

Partnerships with Industry and Users

MCEER's Strategic Partnerships Network

to forge strategic alliances with manufacturers, consultants, end users and other stakeholders in the adaptation, development and implementation of new and emerging technologies to mitigate earthquake losses -- this is a partner’s gateway to participation in MCEER’s strategic process and other partnership ventures;

Users Advisory Groups

to create an immediate two-way information pipeline between researchers in each of MCEER’s research programs and technical representatives of manufacturers, consultants and users of Center research products -- every member of MCEER’s Strategic Partnerships Network serves on a program-specific Users Advisory Group;

Research Collaborators

to attract additional business, industry and government support for research projects within MCEER's research thrusts -- this enables partners to support those research endeavors within MCEER’s program, that are vital to their own strategic interests;

Contract Research Clients

to provide a service to industry in the exploration and testing of technologies and methodologies that are of significance to reducing earthquake damage and losses, but are not necessarily related to MCEER's current research thrusts;

Friends of MCEER

to allow for business and industry contributions that support Center research, facilities, education and outreach programs;

Partnerships with NEHRP Agencies

NYCEM (New York Area Consortium for Earthquake Loss Mitigation)

The New York City Consortium for Earthquake Loss Mitigation, an umbrella group major stakeholders, has been created to develop a detailed seismic vulnerability study for the New York City Region. NYCEM's chief sponsor is the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). MCEER is working in partnership with FEMA Region II, and other groups such as Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory, New Jersey Office of Emergency Management, Princeton University and the City University of New York to prepare this detailed seismic assessment.

Project Impact

Project Impact is a nationwide initiative, sponsored by FEMA, that operates on a common-sense damage-reduction approach, basing its work and planning on three simple principles: preventive actions must be decided at the local level; private sector participation is vital; and long-term efforts and investments in prevention measures are essential. FEMA has worked with local communities to establish nearly 200 Project Impact communities. One community which has elected to join Project Impact is the City of Buffalo, NY, due to its potential for natural disasters as well as terrorist acts as a major border crossing between the U.S. and Canada. MCEER is one of the City's Project Impact Partners and assisted in the creation of Buffalo's Project Impact web site.


Facility Risk Consultants, Inc. Joins Partners Network

MCEER welcomes Facility Risk Consultants to its Strategic Partnerships Network as a Premier Partner. Facility Risk Consultants, Inc. offers engineering and risk management consulting services, involving seismic analyses and design, regulatory issues and compliance, performance-based facility criteria development, building seismic retrofit design, seismic strengthening of equipment and process tools, soil-structure interaction analyses, structural & financial risk consulting, physical security and forensic engineering. Company engineers have more than 25 years of industry experience providing services on large-scale seismic related projects for commercial nuclear utilities, Department of Energy facilities, and semiconductor manufacturing companies around the world. Facility Risk Consultants has offices in Fremont, California and Huntsville, Alabama. For more information about the company, visit its website.

For more information on MCEER’s Strategic Partnerships Network, contact at (716) 645-5151.