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Areva T&D

Taylor Devices, Inc.

Armstrong World Industries, Inc.

Degenkolb Engineers

Dynamic Isolation Systems, Inc.

Facility Risk Consultants

FM Global

Hydro Quebec Transénergie

ISAT Seismic Bracing

Johnson Controls, Inc.

KPFF Consulting Engineers

Terra Firm Earthquake Preparedness, Inc.


Weidlinger Associates, Inc.

Digitexx Data Systems, Inc.

Earthquake Protection Systems, Inc.

Globalnex, Inc.

Kinetics Noise Control

NGC Testing

Rutherford & Chekene

Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, LLP.

Thornton-Tomasetti Group


WorkSafe Technologies

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Strategic Partnerships Network

MCEER's Strategic Partnerships Network recruits members from multiple sectors of business industry and government to advance technology development and application.

The program is focused on member wants, needs and desires, while helping MCEER to advance its own mission. It brings together members of the complete technology "application chain," i.e., manufacturers, consultants, architects, engineers and other practitioners, software developers, technology end-users and facility owners in business, industry and government.

It unites members in Specialty Interest Groups (SIGs) focusing on the technologies that are studied by MCEER and are of particular strategic interest to each member organization. SIG members work together as a group and develop initiatives to realize common goals that also support Center research, outreach, education and technology transfer efforts.

All members of the Strategic Partnerships Network also become members of the Center's Users Advisory Groups, providing them with direct access to MCEER investigators and research projects.

Thes Strategic Partnerships Network provides opportunities for cross-participation in collaborative research and demonstration projects enabling partners to widely examine and assess the reliability of new and emerging technologies. It also provides partners with preferred access to a variety of research, education and technology transfer opportunities including

    Spnbullet.gif (49 bytes)Recent research results
    Spnbullet.gif (49 bytes)State-of-the-art knowledge
    Spnbullet.gif (49 bytes)Experimental facilities and equipment
    Spnbullet.gif (49 bytes)Information resources
    Spnbullet.gif (49 bytes)Publications
    Spnbullet.gif (49 bytes)Meetings, seminars
    Spnbullet.gif (49 bytes)Professional short courses
    Spnbullet.gif (49 bytes)Distance learning


Program Offers Unique Features

The Strategic Partnerships Network offers several unique features: 

  • Three Levels of Membership - Flagship, Premier and Partner, so  members can choose the level of benefits that best suits their needs
  • Value-Added Benefits - created with member input to help advance members’ strategic interests
  • Specialty Interest Groups (SIGS) -enabling members of similar interests to network with each other and MCEER researchers
  • Multi-Sector Participation -including, manufacturers, consultants, and end users in business, industry and government, to ensure representation of the complete technology "application chain."

The program’s guiding belief is that multi-sector cooperation will lead to greater awareness, understanding, marketplace acceptance, and use of advanced technologies. It fosters mutually-beneficial relationships among members and Center researchers and students, and provides a forum for exchange and collaboration at all levels.


Three Levels of Membership

MCEER’s Strategic Partnerships Network features three levels of membership:

  • Flagship Partner

  • Premier Partner

  • Partner

All members receive a compliment of Network benefits, with Flagship and Premier Partners receiving extended privileges. Annual membership fees are:

  • Flagship Partners - $10,000
  • Premier Partners - $3,500
  • Partners - $1,000.

For more information of the array of benefits offered, see the Complete Listing of Membership Benefits.


Specialty Interest Groups

Specialty Interest Groups (SIGs) focus on development and use of specific advanced technologies. Groups encourage networking and development of mutually-beneficial initiatives among researchers, manufacturers, consultants, and end-users. SIGs are forming in the following technology areas:

  • Site Remediation
  • Structural Control
  • Advanced Systems Analysis
  • High-Performance Materials
  • Condition Assessment
  • Decision Support Systems


Membership Application

To receive a complete membership agreement, print out, complete, and mail the Strategic Partnerships Network Application Form. (PDF)


Further Information

For more information, see the Strategic Partnerships Network Brochure. (PDF)

If you would like your questions answered directly, contact

Business Development & Strategic Partnerships
University at Buffalo
133A Ketter Hall
Buffalo, New York 14260
Tel: 716-645-5151
Fax: 716-645-3399