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REDARS Validation Report

S. Cho, C.K. Huyck, S. Ghosh and R.T. Eguchi

MCEER-06-0007  | August 8, 2006

This report presents the results of an extensive review and evaluation of the Seismic Risk Assessment (SRA) methodology for highway systems, as documented in “A Risk-Based Methodology for Assessing the Seismic Performance of Highway Systems,” by S.D. Werner, C.E. Taylor, J.E. Moore II, J.S. Walton and S. Cho, MCEER-00-0014. The efficacy of all key modules in the REDARS (Risk of Earthquake Damage for Roadway Systems) software program were evaluated. The modules included: bridge damage or fragility module, post-earthquake traffic state module, transportation module and economic loss module. The results from this review were evaluated by the REDARS development team and subsequently used to update the REDARS software program. The REDARS methodology and software for seismic risk analysis of highway systems is presented in a companion MCEER special report, “REDARS 2 Methodology and Software for Seismic Risk Analysis of Highway Systems,” by S.D. Werner, C.E. Taylor, S. Cho, J.P. Lavoie, C.K. Huyck, C. Eitzel, H. Chung and R.T. Eguchi, MCEER-06-SP08.

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