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Damage to the Highway System from the Pisco, Peru Earthquake of August 15, 2007

by Jerome S. O'Connor, Lucero Mesa and Monique Nykamp
December 10, 2007

This damage assessment report is the product of a field investigation undertaken in September 2007 after the Mw 8.0 August 15, 2007 Pisco, Perú earthquake. It provides a brief description of the event and the consequential damage to the highway system. It relies on government reports issued immediately after the event that include
investigations from leaders in Perú’s academia, and the authors’ field observations. The purpose of the report is to document the performance of structures designed according to AASHTO specifications and to help assess the adequacy of the standards used at the time of construction. Another important benefit of the task is the exchange of information for the mutual benefit of engineers and policy makers here in the U.S. and in Perú.

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