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MCEER Response:
Hurricane Gustav Reconnaissance: Lessons Learned by New Orleans Hospitals from Katrina to Gustav

By Lucy A. Arendt and Daniel B. Hess

This reconnaissance trip, undertaken following Hurricane Gustav, was funded by the National Science Foundation and MCEER. It provided the team with a unique opportunity to return to New Orleans to collect and compare information on the operations of the city's acute care hospital system following Hurricane Gustav. Both authors had previously participated in an extensive NSF/MCEER-sponsored reconnaissance effort following Hurricane Katrina (see Arendt and Hess, 2006), and this trip enabled them to determine if the hospital system had become more resilient. A companion MCEER Response report, Hurricane Gustav Reconnaissance: Damage Survey using the VIEWST System, provides an aerial and ground remote sensing survey of infrastructure damage.

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Aerial view of damaged neighborhood

Most hospitals in New Orleans, including the Touro Infirmary in the Garden District, stayed open during Hurricane Gustav.

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