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EQNET Gains Visibility; Offers Job Listings for Non-profits

Visits to the EQNET site have increased dramatically since the beginning of this year. From November 1999, when the counter was first installed, to January 2001, there were 25,437 visitors to the site, which amounted to an average of 2,130 visits per month. On July 2, 2001, the total was 46,415, an increase of 17,471 visitors, or over 4,100 visits per month, a notable increase in traffic.

EQNET is now offering a listing of job opportunities in not-for-profit earthquake engineering and hazard mitigation organizations. Job listings can easily be submitted on the EQNET site at . In addition, a new comment/evaluation form has been added. For questions or comments about these new features, contact Yi Chen Wang, EQNET webmaster, via e-mail at



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