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SLC Debuts First Issue of Student Research Accomplishments

MCEER's Student Leadership Council (SLC) published its own version of the Research Progress and Accomplishments report as a way to showcase the research work of its members. This first issue was coordinated and edited by Gauri Guha, a Ph.D. candidate in the department of energy, environmental and mineral economics at the Pennsylvania State University. The topics range from traditional civil and lifeline engineering to applications of advanced technologies to social impacts and economic modeling. Papers are presented in two formats: full length, which provides details on the background/motivation for the research, a brief view of prominent work in the area of research, proposed technique/methodology employed, current status of work, how it advanced the state of the art, results from experiments/simulations and how it will be expanded in the future. The shorter format papers are abstracts that either summarize the research, or expand on one of the points listed above.

The report is available from the publications section of our web site in PDF format at stuResAccom/ 0001/default.asp . A limited number of copies are available by contacting MCEER publications.

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