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MCEER Technical Reports

MCEER technical reports are published to communicate specific research data and project results. Reports are written by MCEER- funded researchers, and provide information on a variety of fields of interest in earthquake engineering. The proceedings from conferences and workshops sponsored by MCEER are also published in this series. To request a complete list of titles and prices, contact MCEER publications. MCEER's web site offers a complete list of technical reports and their abstracts. The publications section allows users to search the report list by subject, title and author, and to place orders for these reports. Visit the site at .

Experimental Investigation of P-Delta Effects to Collapse During Earthquakes
D. Vian and M. Bruneau, 6/25/01, MCEER-01-0001, 360 pages, $35.00

This report addresses structural safety and the risk of damage, by determining the collapse performance limit in engineering terms. It documents an experimental study of the P-delta effect on a Single Degree of Freedom (SDOF) test structure subjected to earthquake ground motion. Fifteen four-column frame specimens were subjected to progressive unidirectional ground shaking and structural response was measured up to collapse. An example of how to use the experimental data for analytical model verification is provided. A full series of tests with a single specimen were analyzed using a simple SDOF dynamic analysis program. The example illustrated the shortcomings/inaccuracies of a particular simplified model of structural damping. Test structure performance was compared with proposed limits for minimizing P-delta effects in highway bridge piers. The stability factor was found to have a strong relationship to the relative structural performance in this regard. Performance was also compared with currently used strength and stability limits for axial-moment interaction. Specimens generally reached accelerations and maximum base shear (as a fraction of the system's weight) in excess of the maximum spectral accelerations calculated considering second order effects, but less than that considering only member strength.

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Proceedings of the Second MCEER Workshop on Mitigation of Earthquake Disaster by Advanced Technologies (MEDAT-2)
Edited by Michel Bruneau and Daniel J. Inman, 7/23/01, MCEER-01-0002, 314 pages, $35.00

About 35 practitioners and researchers from earthquake engineering and other fields of advanced technology participated in the second Mitigation of Earthquake Disaster by Advanced Technologies (MEDAT-2) workshop. The workshop, held in Las Vegas, Nevada on November 30 December 1, 2000, focused on the application of advanced technologies (nondestructive inspection, health monitoring advanced materials, innovative devices, etc.) for the seismic evaluation and retrofit of health care facilities. Discussion sessions centered on mitigation techniques for soil liquefaction, structural damage and nonstructural damage. The proceedings contain 30 papers and minutes from the discussion sessions. Extensive materials from this workshop, including presentation materials, are posted on our web site at http://mceer. publications/sp_pubs/medat2/default.asp

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