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MCEER's Top Ten List - Best Selling MCEER Reports in Calendar Year 2000

The count is in! The ten best selling MCEER reports for the year 2000 are as follows, with the reconnaissance reports from the Marmara, Turkey and Chi-Chi, Taiwan earthquakes topping the list. The following list is in order of sales, beginning with the most popular report. They are: 

  • The Marmara, Turkey Earthquake of August 17, 1999: Reconnaissance Report, edited by C. Scawthorn; with major contributions by M. Bruneau, R. Eguchi, T. Holzer, G. Johnson, J. Mander, J. Mitchell, W. Mitchell, A. Papageorgiou, C. Scawthorn, and G. Webb, 3/23/00, MCEER-00-0001

  • The Chi-Chi, Taiwan Earthquake of September 21, 1999: Reconnaissance Report, edited by G.C. Lee and C.H. Loh, with major contributions by G.C. Lee, M. Bruneau, I.G. Buckle, S.E. Chang, P.J. Flores, T.D. O'Rourke, M. Shinozuka, T.T. Soong, C-H. Loh, K-C. Chang, Z-J. Chen, J-S. Hwang, M-L. Lin, G-Y. Liu, K-C. Tsai, G.C. Yao and C-L. Yen, 4/30/00, MCEER-00-0003

  • Response of Buried Pipelines Subject to Earthquake Effects, by M.J. O'Rourke and X. Liu, MCEER-99-MN03

  • Proceedings of the 7th U.S.- Japan Workshop on Earthquake Resistant Design of Lifeline Facilities and Countermeasures Against Soil Liquefaction, edited by T.D. O'Rourke, J.P. Bardet and M. Hamada, 11/19/99, MCEER-99-0019

  • Proceedings of the NCEER Workshop on Evaluation of Liquefaction Resistance of Soils, edited by T.L. Youd and I.M. Idriss, 12/31/97, MCEER-97-0022

  • Guide to Remedial Measures for Liquefaction Mitigation at Existing Highway Bridge Sites, by H.G. Cooke and J. K. Mitchell, 7/26/99, MCEER-99-0015

  • Passive Energy Dissipation Systems for Structural Design and Retrofit, by M.C. Constantinou, T.T. Soong, and G.F. Dargush, MCEER-98-MN01

  • Screening Guide for Rapid Assessment of Liquefaction Hazard at Highway Bridge Sites, by T. L. Youd, 6/16/98, MCEER-98-0005

  • Site Factors and Site Categories in Seismic Codes, by R. Dobry, R. Ramos and M.S. Power, 7/19/99, MCEER-99-0010

  • Seismic Reliability Assessment of Critical Facilities: A Handbook, Supporting Documentation, and Model Code Provisions, by G.S. Johnson, R.E. Sheppard, M.D. Quilici, S.J. Eder and C.R. Scawthorn, 4/12/99, MCEER-99-0008

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