MCEER Strategic Partner Profiles

pdficon.gif (224 bytes)Below are MCEER's Strategic Partner Profiles, by individual partner. Click on the company name in the table of contents below for information about each company, or click here to download the entire copy of MCEER's Strategic Partner Profiles (PDF file, 1.03 MB), available in Acrobat .pdf format only. If you don't already have the Acrobat reader, get it Here.


Dear Colleague: 

Industry and user partners are integral to MCEER's success. From the outset, they provide a vital spark, contributing to the thought processes that ignite the Center's research thrusts. Throughout our research, their insight and input helps us to monitor and maintain our direction to ensure user-friendly outcomes that are both economically feasible and socially and politically acceptable. In the end these partners play a pivotal role as agents of knowledge and technology transfer, helping to usher solutions and technologies from research laboratory to real-world practice. 

With fond respect and immense gratitude, here we profile a number of these generous and critical contributors ­ Charter Members of MCEER's Strategic Partnerships Network. In addition to their involvement noted above, these partners also make financial contributions to further MCEER's strategic research and mutually beneficial endeavors. Partners are profiled and listed according to their contribution level as Flagship Partners, Premier Partners, and Partners. Make no mistake however, each is vital to MCEER's success. That's why we refer to them as partners. 

With their continued support and involvement, our fires burn bright as we continue to develop solutions to bring greater stability to our built environment and enhanced resilience to communities nationwide, in times of earthquakes and other disasters. We thank them for their many contributions. We applaud their every effort. And we hope that you enjoy learning a little bit more about them here and through their respective web sites. 


George C. Lee 

Flagship Partners 
Enidine, Inc. (218 kb)
Enidine is a global manufacturer of energy absorption, vibration isolation and motion control products, including seismic dampers, shock absorbers, rate controls, wire rope isolators, elastomeric isolators, and air spring products.
Taylor Devices, Inc. (289 kb)
Taylor Devices is a leading manufacturer of shock absorbers, seismic dampers, wind dampers, shock isolation systems, seismic isolators, vibration dampers, powerplant snubbers, and other types of hydro-mechanical energy management products.
Premier Partners 
Armstrong World Industries, Inc.(173 kb)
Armstrong designs and manufactures interior finishing solutions, including floor coverings and acoustical ceilings.
Dynamic Isolation Systems, Inc. (251 kb)
DIS designs and manufactures products for base isolation and energy dissipation.
Arup (173 kb)
Arup provides performance-based design for structural, seismic, wind, structural vibration, blast and impact engineering around the world.
KPFF Consulting Engineers (161 kb)
KPFF provides structural and civil engineering services both as consultant and prime designer in 8 locations in the U.S.
Degenkolb Engineers 
(251 kb)
Degenkolb's structural engineering services include seismic evaluation and analysis, seismic design, seismic hazard reduction programs, and blast-resistant design.
Weidlinger Associates, Inc. (161 kb)
Weidlinger Associates provides structural and civil engineering services to architects, developers, contractors, high-tech manufacturers, and public agency heads.

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