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Student Leadership Council Activities

Tony Yang (center) and Gordon Warn (right) were among the students to present current research work at the retreat.

The MCEER Student Leadership Council (SLC) is pleased to report the success of its second annual SLC retreat. The retreat was held at the Nittany Lion Inn at Pennsylvania State University from August 10-12, 2001. The concept of a student retreat was refined during the SLC sessions at the Principal Investigator's Meeting in November 2000 to provide members with a chance to present research to their peers in a casual environment. The presentations were concluded by a guest lecture from Dr. Adam Z. Rose, head of Penn State's Energy, Environmental, and Mineral Economics Department and an MCEER researcher. In addition to the presentations, the retreat featured an SLC meeting and various social activities. 

The student presentations were divided into four sessions: materials and structures; innovative technologies in earth- quake engineering; geotechnical earthquake engineering; and socioeconomic issues. The following SLC members presented their work: Jeffrey Berman (University of Buffalo), Rory Connell (University of Delaware), Keith Kesner (Cornell University), Michael Kiley-Zufelt (University of Delaware), Alyssa Koch (Drexel University), Wei Liu (University of Buffalo), Jessica Moeller (Cornell University), Natali Sigaher (University of Buffalo), Gordon Warn (University of Buffalo), and Tony Yang (University of Buffalo). 

Participants at the SLC retreat pose for a group photograph.

The SLC retreat also marked the departure of two active members: Gauri- Shankar Guha and Michael Kiley-Zufelt. Gauri-Shankar Guha is currently an Assistant Professor in the Department of Economics and Decision Sciences at Arkansas State University. Michael Kiley- Zufelt has completed his course work at the University of Delaware and is currently residing in Philadelphia, PA. The presence of these two important members of the SLC will be missed at future meetings.

Many issues were discussed, including future plans for SLC activities and organization. The meeting served as a brainstorming session for a collaborative future SLC project that will incorporate the various disciplines in the MCEER research community. 

The SLC would like to thank Dr. Adam Rose for taking the time to speak at the meeting, and the assistance of the members of Penn State's Department of Energy, Environmental, and Mineral Economics. The retreat was also made possible by the coordinating efforts of SLC members Diego Lopez-Garcia, Gauri-Shankar Guha, and Michael Kiley-Zufelt. Finally, thank you to Natali Sigaher for providing the opening remarks and for her organizational assistance. 

The next SLC meeting will be held during the forthcoming annual Principal Investigator's meeting.

--Submitted by Rory P.Connell, University of Delaware


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