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MCEER Participates in Advisory Committee

MCEER has been invited to participate in the Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) for the Northeast Region of the Advanced National Seismic System, (ANSS-NE). The RAC is charged with overseeing the relationship between regional stakeholders and the operators of the ANSS, and with developing the principles that govern the implementation of the ANSS-NE.

Membership will be drawn from several stakeholder communities including academia, engineering practice, emergency management and public service agencies. Regional co-coordinators are John Ebel, of the Weston Observatory, Boston College and Arthur Lerner-Lam of Lamont Doherty Earth Observatory, Columbia University.

The ANSS is a program of the US Geological Survey (USGS) that aims to enhance the capabilities of regional seismic networks to reduce vulnerabilities to earthquakes and strengthen regional earthquake hazard mitigation. Within ANSS, specific program elements are charged with developing ties to regional engineering and emergency response professionals and developing products and services relevant to earthquake hazard mitigation.

The RAC is part of the management structure designed by the USGS to provide advice on these program elements. The RAC will also advise on the principles governing the implementation plan for the ANSS-NE. For more information, consult the ANSS web site at: or contact John Ebel (e-mail:; or Art Lerner-Lam (e-mail:

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