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Recent Events

October 1, 2001 - January 31, 2002

October 1 and 11, 2001
Seminar by Michel Bruneau, Andrei Reinhorn and Andrew Whittaker
Structural Engineering Reconnaissance at Ground Zero
Buffalo, New York

October 13, 2001
Earth Science Day
Buffalo, New York

October 26, 2001
Seminar by Norman Abrahamson
Incorporating Effects of Near Fault Tectonic Deformation into Design Ground Motions
Buffalo, New York
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November 12, 2001
World Trade Center Forum
Columbia University
New York City, New York

November 27-28, 2001
Highway Seismic Research Council Meeting
Chicago, Illinois

November 30, 2001
Seminar by Mohammed Ettouney
Frequency Domain Analysis of Long-Span Bridges Subjected to Non-Uniform Seismic Motion
Buffalo, New York
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December 12-13, 2001
World Trade Center Grantees Workshop
New York City, New York

January 22-24, 2002
Urban Hazards Forum
New York City, New York

January 29, 2002
New York City Area Consortium for Earthquake Loss Mitigation (NYCEM) Meeting
New York City, New York


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