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Student Leadership Council Activities

Photo of Diego Lopez Garcia giving a presentation at the Poster Session

Participants Gordon Warn (top) and Diego Lopez Garcia (above) discuss their research with researchers, students and industry partners at the poster session of MCEER's Annual Meeting.

The MCEER Student Leadership Council (SLC) was very active during the MCEER Annual Meeting, held in Buffalo, New York from March 6-9, 2002. The meeting provided an important opportunity for students to discuss future plans for the SLC. In addition, students presented their research at the poster session or during a student presentation plenary session at the meeting.

The first day of the Annual Meeting was devoted entirely to SLC activities. Following opening remarks from SLC president Ani Natali Sigaher, students practiced their presentations to receive comments and criticism from their peers. The majority of the day was devoted to discussing several issues, including the upcoming Student Research Accomplishments publication, the SLC website, and this summer's retreat for MCEER students. The students also discussed developing a promotional brochure for the SLC to recruit new student researchers for MCEER projects. In addition, the SLC discussed its presence at future national meetings such as those hosted by the Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI) and the 7th National Conference on Earthquake Engineering (7NCEE).

The meeting served as a brainstorming session for a collaborative future SLC project that will incorporate the various disciplines in the MCEER research community. The forthcoming Tri-Center field mission trip to Taiwan was also discussed during the meeting (see review).

Elections were held for leadership positions in the council for the upcoming year. The results were: Jeff Berman, University at Buffalo, president; Rory Connell, University of Delaware, vice president; and Benedikt Halldorsson, University at Buffalo, activities coordinator. Following the SLC meeting, the students attended a webcast seminar lecture that was given by Ronald Eguchi, ImageCat, Inc. (see seminar review ).

Fifteen students presented posters at the MCEER Annual Meeting. The posters updated fellow MCEER researchers and industry partners on student research projects. In addition to the posters, four student presentations were given during the Annual Meeting: "Preparing for Y2K and JCAHO: Incentives for Hospital Rehabilitation" by Rory Connell, University of Delaware; "Development of Engineered Cementitious Composite Materials for Seismic Strengthening and Retrofit" by Keith Kesner, Cornell University; "A Simulation for Exploring the Dynamics of Recovery" by Scott Miles, University of Washington; and "Quantification of Cross-Effect in a Linear MDOF Structure" by Tony Yang, University at Buffalo.

The SLC would like to thank Ani Natali Sigaher for her two years of service as president. Natali has played a pivotal role in the development of the SLC, and the MCEER students would like to thank her for her hard work.

The next student meeting will be held during the forthcoming SLC annual retreat in August.

--Submitted by Rory Connell, Disaster Research Center, University at Delaware

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