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PRC-US Protocol Delegation visits Las Vegas, Reno and Stanford

PRC-US participants (from left) Prof. Wang, Deputy Director Wu, Ms. Zhang, Prof. Qi, Prof. Ye, Prof. Buckle and Ms. Jia enjoy dinner in Reno.

Officials from the China National Natural Science Foundation, China Seismological Bureau and the Ministry of Construction, together with four leading Chinese earthquake engineering researchers, visited the United States in June as part of the PRC-US Protocol (Annex III) project sponsored by the National Science Foundation. They visited Las Vegas and Reno, Nevada, and Stanford and San Francisco, California.

In Las Vegas, the group held a formal meeting to review progress of existing joint research activities and to discuss possible joint future projects between China and the U.S. The technical tours for the PRC delegation included a two-day trip to the University of Nevada at Reno, where they visited the Seismology Lab in the Mackay School of Mines and the Large-Scale Structures Lab in the Department of Civil Engineering. Delegates viewed progress with the installation of a third shake table in the structures lab (an NSF-NEES project) and heard presentations from graduate students on current research. They also visited the MacKay Building, an historical building on the Reno campus that has been seismically updated using base isolation. They then traveled to the John A. Blume Earthquake Engineering Center at Stan-ford University for a half-day tour of the Center and the structural engineering laboratory. They heard presentations from faculty at the Blume Center on current research and exchanged ideas for potential collaboration.

Delegates on the U.S. side included George Lee (coordinator), S.C. Liu, Ian Buckle, Peter Chang, Franklin Cheng, Weimin Dong, Anne Kiremidjian and Bill Spencer; the PRC side included Huijuan Wu, Xiaozhai Qi, Guojiang Li, Yayong Wang, Lieping Ye, Shu Jia and Jiping Ru.

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