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New MCEER Reports

MCEER technical reports are published to communicate specific research data and project results. Reports are written by MCEER-funded researchers, and provide information on a variety of fields of interest in earthquake engineering. The proceedings from conferences and workshops sponsored by MCEER are also published in this series.

MCEER’s web site offers a complete list of technical reports, abstracts, and prices. The publications catalog allows users to search the report list by subject, title and author, and to place orders for these reports. Visit the site at

Proceedings of the MCEER Workshop on Lessons from the World Trade Center Terrorist Attack

Edited by M. Bruneau, 10/18/02; MCEER-02-SP08, 172 pages plus two CD-ROMs, $35.00

Over 100 experts from a wide variety of backgrounds participated in Lessons from the World Trade Center Terrorist Attack: Management of Complex Civil Emergencies and Terrorism-Resistant Civil Engineering Design, held in New York City on June 24-25, 2002. The proceedings summarize the findings from the workshop and include, in digital format (on CD-ROM), the presentations made by most of the speakers. This special format was designed to share, to the fullest extent possible, the visuals and video-clips that constituted an essential part of some presentations and greatly enriched communication of the concepts presented. Complementing these electronic presentations are abstracts from most presentations and short biographical sketches of most authors. Finally, a few authors volunteered additional longer technical documents, which are included on the CD-ROM.

The report is available from the publications section of our web site at

Student Research Accomplishments: 2001-2002

Edited by D. Lopez Garcia, 10/02, MCEER-02-SP09, 146 pages, $25.00

MCEER’s Student Leadership Council (SLC) published the second edition of its Student Research Accomplishment report. This year’s report was edited by Diego Lopez Garcia, Ph.D. candidate in the Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering at the University at Buffalo. It contains 22 papers that describe research in progress. The papers are categorized by MCEER’s NSF program Research Thrust Areas: Overarching Center-Wide Cross Program Research Activities (2 papers); Seismic Evaluation and Retrofit of Lifeline Systems (4 papers); Seismic Retrofit of Acute Care Facilities (9 papers); Earthquake Response and Recovery (2 papers); Supplemental Research Activities (1 paper); and Education (4 papers).

The report is available from the publications section of our web site at A limited number of copies are available by contacting MCEER publications.

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