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IAB Input Advances MCEER Programs

MCEER Strategic Partnerships Logo MCEER’s Industry Advisory Board (IAB) continues to play an integral role in the center’s progress. This year’s annual meeting featured an IAB-organized “Industry Session,” during which 10 members presented views on research needs and interests.

Presentations covered perspectives on: planning for post-earthquake water delivery; seismic retrofit of California hospitals; codes and standards for nonstructural systems; seismic risk mitigation of non-structural components; and public-private partnerships in emergency management.

These presentations provided center investigators with an enhanced understanding of the challenges faced by practitioners. The session concluded with discussions led by IAB Chair, Dr. Gary Hart. Center investigators, students and IAB members later joined in breakout sessions to shape plans for each research thrust. Consequently, MCEER will investigate specific issues related to the seismic performance of hospitals.

The IAB also met to complete its annual SWOT Analysis, advising center leadership of perceived Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. The IAB Executive Committee and MCEER’s Executive Committee also met in joint session for further industry input.

Luncheon roundtable discussions and a pre-banquet poster session provided additional opportunities for student-IAB interactions.


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