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Caltrans to Provide Feedback on SRA Software

The seismic risk analysis of highway systems has been an ongoing research component of MCEER’s Highway Project, funded by the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), for the past decade. This is the second article to feature activities on this task. The first article appeared in the Summer 2001 issue of the MCEER Bulletin (Vol. 15, No. 2).

 picture showing participants at the SRA software meeting in the conference room
Seismic risk analysis meeting with Caltrans

photo of traffic control center at Caltrans 
Traffic control center at Caltrans

In mid-December, MCEER highway project researchers met with representatives from Caltrans and other interested parties to discuss REDARS (Risks due to Earthquake Damage to Roadway Systems), a software package under development to assess the seismic performance of highway systems. Participants provided feedback to the developers and discussed coordinating related seismic risk analysis efforts.

REDARS is a user-friendly, PC-based software program that contains a formal set of methodologies and procedures for conducting a seismic risk assessment of highway networks and systems. It incorporates data and methodologies pertaining to engineering issues (structural, geotechnical, and traffic capacity), repair and reconstruction, system network and risk analysis, and socioeconomic considerations for impacts resulting from system damage. A mechanism to estimate system-wide direct and indirect losses due to reduced traffic flows and/or increased travel times will also be provided.

REDARS development is part of MCEER’s Highway Project, funded by the Federal Highway Administration. The project team is led by Stuart D. Werner, Seismic Systems & Engineering Consultants and includes Craig E. Taylor, Natural Hazards Management Inc., Jean-Paul Lavoie and Chip Eitzel, Geodesy, James E. Moore II , University of Southern California, Jon S. Walton, City of San Jose and Sungbin Cho, Charles Huyck, and Ron Eguchi of ImageCat Inc.

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