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photo of student Terri Norton in the Kansai Japan airport 
Terri Norton poses in the observation hall of Kansai International Airport, Osaka, Japan.

Terri Norton is in the second semester of her doctoral program in civil engineering at Florida A & M University, where her research focuses on damage estimation and hazard mitigation. Her current research is a continuation of her Master’s studies, also at Florida A & M, entitled “An Earthquake Analysis of an Existing Structure in the Southeast Region of the United States.” Her adviser is Professor Makola M. Abdullah.

When asked how she became interested in earthquake hazard mitigation, Terri explains, “Growing up in Florida, I am very familiar with natural hazards and their impacts on communities. However, it wasn’t until the senior year of my undergraduate career that I learned that earthquakes can and do occur in the Eastern and Central United States, and that the damage area can be larger than in California. Therefore, I believe that it is really important that the eastern region begin to evaluate their seismic provisions to insure that communities will be protected should a major earthquake occur.”

Last summer, Terri participated in the Natural Hazard Mitigation in Japan Program and the NSF Summer Program in Japan. She spent 10 weeks as a visiting researcher. During the first two weeks, she toured Japanese research laboratories and made site visits to design, construction, building, and bridge sites in different areas of Japan. In the remaining eight weeks, she worked at the University of Tokyo, where Dr. Yozo Fujino was her host. Terri said that, “The trip was a great experience, I learned a lot and met a lot of interesting people.”

Terri hopes “to one day become a professor and inspire students the way that many of my professors and mentors have inspired me.” She is expecting to graduate in the fall of 2004.

As a former student athlete, Terri likes all kinds of sports, including track and football. She was a member of the track and field team at Florida State University, where she received her bachelor’s degree. Her hobbies include exercising, reading, and photography.

Editors Note: Terri contributed a paper on her research topic to MCEER’s Student Research Accomplishments: 2001-2002, available at


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