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IAB Member Organizations Give & Gain from “Engagement” with MCEER

An active and engaged group of industry stakeholders is essential to MCEER’s success, and the seismic safety of society. For this very reason, MCEER strives to bring industry outsiders inside the center to provide manufacturing and end-user perspective to center programs and processes, and to help usher new knowledge and technologies back out to the marketplace.

MCEER’s mechanism for effectively engaging industry is its Industry Advisory Board (IAB). MCEER’s IAB comprises members of the center’s Strategic Partnerships Network and representatives of select government agency end-users of center research products. Working with center investigators and students, IAB involvement helps in rendering strategic benefits to center programs and industry stakeholders alike.

From taking part in center programs and planning, to taking stock in new knowledge, technologies and opportunities of mutual benefit, members of MCEER’s IAB give & gain from their “engaging” experiences. A few recent examples are featured in this issue.

For additional information on how your organization can participate in MCEER’s Strategic Partnerships Network and/or the center’s Industry Advisory Board, contact at (716) 645-5151 .

IAB Members Share Insights at NSF Site Review

Christos Tokas, OSHPD (center) and Thomas Zemanek, Enidine (right) view student posters during the NSF site visit to MCEER. 

A number of IAB members took part in this year's NSF Site Review, June 3-4 in Buffalo. Participants met with the NSF Site Team in closed session to review results from the IAB SWOT Analysis, and to discuss the "value-added" benefits that industry participants derive through interaction with the center. In all, eight IAB members participated, representing interests in each of the center's three NSF-sponsored research thrusts. Participants included: David Lee (East Bay Municipal Utility District), Jay Lewis (Terra Firm Earthquake Preparedness), Charles Pickel (Memphis Light, Gas and Water), Ellis Stanley (Los Angeles Emergency Preparedness Department), Andy Taylor (KPFF Consulting Engineers), Douglas Taylor (Taylor Devices), Christos Tokas (California Office of Statewide Healthcare Planning and Development), and Thomas Zemanek (Enidine, Inc.). Through their attendance, IAB members also took advantage of opportunities to network among themselves and with center investigators, students and staff.

Alampalli and Lewis Aid In Strategic Business Planning

MCEER Industry Advisory Board members Sreenivas Alampalli (NYSDOT) and Jay Lewis (Terra Firm Earthquake Preparedness, Inc.) joined with center leadership in an initial meeting to assist with the center's strategic business planning needs. Alampalli and Lewis both hold MBAs and have provided unique insights and perspectives as MCEER looks ahead to its future. The meeting, held following the June 3-4, 2003 Site Review, was the first in a series of sessions that will involve IAB members in MCEER's strategic business planning process.

MCEER Welcomes NYSDOT's Alampalli to IAB

Sreenivas Alampalli, of the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT), is the newest member of MCEER's Industry Advisory Board. Alampalli is acting director of NYSDOT's Transportation Research and Development Bureau. He is a registered professional engineer in New York State and holds a Ph.D. in civil engineering and an MBA from Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute. MCEER is pleased and proud to welcome NYSDOT and Sreenivas Alampalli to its family of strategic partners.

Taylor Devices, Hydro-Quebec Increase Contributions

Taylor Devices, Inc. and Hydro-Quebec have increased their contributions to MCEER's Strategic Partnerships Network. Taylor Devices has committed to an annual contribution of $10,000 to the center, as a Flagship Partner. Hydro-Quebec has increased its annual contribution to the $3,500 Premier Partner level. MCEER extends sincerest appreciation to these valuable partners and contributors.

New Licensing Opportunities Include Isolation Bearing and Damping System

Two new technologies are available from MCEER for licensing and commercialization. These include a Sloping Roller Isolation System, developed by George Lee, and a Highly Effective Energy Dissipation Device developed by Michael Constantinou. Members of MCEER's Strategic Partnerships Network are given preferential opportunities to license these technologies from the center for further development and commercialization. Licensing opportunities may also be available to others outside the center's Strategic Partnerships Network. Contact Don Goralski for additional information and a prospectus.

Istanbul Seminar Features Seismic Isolation and Center Industry Partners

MCEER and the University at Buffalo Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering teamed up with faculty of engineering and architecture at Istanbul Kultur University in Turkey, to present a seminar titled "An Introduction to Seismic Isolation." The seminar, which took place May 16-17, 2003 featured presentations on seismic isolation and structural damping by MCEER investigators Michael Constantinou and Andrew Whittaker _ and poster displays from MCEER Strategic Partners, Enidine and Taylor Devices, Inc. The certificate program drew participation from more than 75 engineers from the Turkish private sector and government agencies.

Taylor Takes Center Stage in Seminar Webcast

Douglas P. Taylor, chief executive officer of Taylor Devices, Inc. was the featured speaker at an April 4, 2003 Student Leadership Council Seminar at UB. In a presentation titled, "Damper Retrofit Of The London Millennium Footbridge - A Case Study Of Biodynamic Design Issues," Taylor detailed his company's role in the analysis, retrofit, and re-opening of London's prized pedestrian bridge, closed shortly after its opening due to excessive forces of synchronous pedestrian foot stomps. The seminar is reviewed in this issue and can be viewed on the MCEER SLC website ( ).

Participation in SLC seminar webcasts enables MCEER industry partners to showcase their knowledge and experience face-to-face with faculty and students in Buffalo, and with a host of viewers via the World Wide Web. Students are seeking speakers for the fall 2003 and spring 2004 semesters. Interested IAB members are encouraged to contact at (716) 645-5151.

Earthquake Protection Systems Announces Move

Earthquake Protection Systems, Inc. (EPS), designer and manufacturer of Friction Pendulum seismic isolation bearings, has relocated to a new facility on Mare Island in Vallejo, California. The 130, 000 sq. ft. facility is located on a ten acre site. It enables EPS to substantially expand its manufacturing capacity. The new address is 451 Azuar Drive, Building 759, Mare Island, Vallejo, California 94592, phone: (707) 644-5993, fax: (707) 644-5995.

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