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MCEER Affiliates Elected to Consortium Board of Directors

nees graphicFormer MCEER/NCEER Deputy Director and current technical director of MCEER’s Highway Project, Professor Ian G. Buckle, was elected President of the NEES Consortium. Now with the Department of Civil Engineering at the University of Nevada, Reno, Dr. Buckle chaired the First Annual Meeting of the NEES Consortium, held in Park City, Utah on May 21-22, 2003. According to Dr. Buckle, the Consortium will “function as a catalyst for the NEES Collaboratory. It will help with the management, operation and main-tenance of the equipment sites, NEESgrid and the data repository. It will also provide education and training to users who are willing to share data and eager to explore new territory. The fundamental objective of NEES is to accelerate progress in earthquake engineering using world-class, cutting-edge experimental facilities in a shared-use, distributed, laboratory environment.”

Equipment site members elected Ricardo Dobry, RPI and Andrei Reinhorn, University at Buffalo, to the Board of Directors. Dr. Dobry will serve a one-year term, and Dr. Reinhorn will serve for two years. Dr. Reinhorn was also elected co-chair of the Data Sharing and Archival Committee. In addition, many other MCEER affiliates serve on various NEES committees.

A wealth of information, including the proceedings from the first annual meeting, can be found on the NEES web site at

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