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Advisory Panel Established for Seismic Risk Analysis

Members of the Seismic Risk Advisory Panel met with researchers from all three earthquake centers to discuss the capabilities of REDARS and other SRA tools.

Charles Kircher, of Kircher & Associates Consulting Engineers, will chair a newly established advisory panel for research on seismic risk analysis (SRA). Other charter members are Steve Leung, Chief of the Caltrans Office of Traffic Investigations, Los Angeles; Edgar Small, Director of the Construction Management Program, Catholic University of America; and Keith Porter, G. W. Housner Senior Research Fellow in Civil Engineering, Cal Tech.

This group of experts will guide researchers working on Task B of MCEER’s Highway Project 094, currently underway for the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA). Of particular interest to the new team will be the development of REDARS (Risk from Earthquake Damage to Roadway Systems). This software program will provide decision-makers with a tool for network analysis of highway systems, enabling better decision making in anticipation of future earthquakes (e.g., allocation of scarce bridge rehabilitation funds) and for emergency management in response to natural disasters. The panel met in June with Ian Buckle, the Project’s Technical Director, to discuss their charge. Subsequent to the meeting, the panel members joined researchers and users in a workshop on the topic of loss estimation (see workshop review).

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