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HSRC Holds Spring Meeting to Review Progress

Attendees at the HSRC meeting pose for a group photograph

George Lee thanks Ayaz Malik for his years of service on the HSRC


HSRC members toured the construction site at Ketter Hall, which is one of the NEES equipment sites

The Highway Seismic Research Council (HSRC) held a special spring meeting May 28-29, 2003 in Buffalo, NY. The purpose of the 11/2 day session was to “stand back and look at the big picture” to provide a mid-project assessment of progress.

Project Director George Lee and Technical Director Ian Buckle reviewed the objectives of “Highway Project 094” within the context of related research previously conducted for the Federal Highway Administration (FHWA).

In addition to reporting on research accomplishments, MCEER’s Research Committee presented task updates for the current year and projected anticipated research to be conducted in coming years.

George Lee gave special thanks to Ayaz Malik for his term on the HSRC. Ayaz has assisted MCEER for numerous years during his tenure at New York State Department of Transportation. Rajesh Taneja, who is taking over as NY’s seismic specialist, was welcomed as a new member. Peter Osborn, Geotechnical and Hydraulics Team Leader for FHWA has assumed the seat of Jerry DiMaggio, FHWA, who will continue to participate ex officio as his time permits.

The HSRC is an advisory council made up of preeminent professionals who offer feedback to MCEER managers and project researchers to help insure that project deliverables are responsive to FHWA concerns and stated project objectives. The next meeting will be held this November in Las Vegas, Nevada.



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