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MCEER Researchers Participate in China-US Workshop

President Zuo (Center) and Vice President Zhang (right), Beijing University of Technology, present George Lee (left) with an award for his exceptional contributions to China-US cooperative research in earthquake engineering.

Beijing, China was the setting for the China-US Workshop on Protection of Urban Infrastructure and Public Buildings against Earthquakes and Manmade Disasters. Experts from both countries met to present and discuss recent advances in disaster mitigation technologies for urban infrastructures and public buildings. Xiyuan Zhou, Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Hazard Mitigation Center, Beijing University of Technology, China and George C. Lee, MCEER, organized the workshop, which was held February 21-22, 2003.

Discussions focused on the use of advanced technologies in critical public buildings and transportation networks to protect them from damage due to earthquakes and other hazards. Research needs, resource sharing, and possible joint demonstration projects were identified. The objectives of the demonstration projects are to provide a test bed to apply and monitor the performance of selected advanced technologies. The organizers are developing a book that includes papers presented at the meeting as well as invited papers that compliment the presentations from additional authors.

A highlight of the meeting was the presentation of an award to MCEER’s director George C. Lee for his exceptional contributions to China-U.S. cooperative research in earthquake engineering and civil infrastructure systems. More details on the award are given in the Kudos article.

A follow-up meeting to streamline and focus on specific topics was planned for April, but was cancelled due to the SARS outbreak. Thus, selection of the demonstration projects and some research work has been delayed.

Sponsors include the Earthquake Resistance Office, Ministry of Construction; Department of Engineering and Material Sciences, Natural Science Foundation of China; Beijing Science and Technology Committee; Beijing Municipal Education Commission; Beijing Natural Science Foundation and Beijing University of Technology. The National Science Foundation (US) and MCEER co-sponsored the event.

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