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Italy is Setting for Second Tri-Center Field Mission

For the second year, MCEER, MAE and PEER will be hosting a Tricenter Field Mission for upper-level graduate students. Last year, the Field Mission was initiated by the three centers to expose students to research at other international centers of excellence in earthquake engineering, where they participate in lectures by leading engineers and scientists, followed by field reconnaissance activities that allow them to view areas recently impacted by earthquakes.

The field reconnaissance provides a learning experience for the students, by viewing damage and recovery efforts in areas suffering earthquake damage.

In 2002, the Field Mission was held at the National Center for Research in Earthquake Engineering in Taipei. This year’s Field Mission will be held from October 12-18 at various locations in Italy. Students complete a project while working off-site and are then intended to make presentations on their efforts upon return to their host institution.

Additional information about the Field Mission and the application process may be found at the MCEER web site:

Diego Lopez Garcia’s seminar on last year’s Field Mission to Taiwan is reviewed as part of the UB-MCEER-EERI Seminar Series.

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