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ATC/MCEER to Hold Seminar on Nonstructural Components

The Applied Technology Council (ATC) and MCEER will hold ATC-29-2: Seminar on Seismic Design, Performance, and Retrofit of Nonstructural Components in Critical Facilities, the third in a series of ATC/MCEER seminars. The two-day seminar will be held October 23-24, 2003 in Los Angeles, California.

Funded by NSF, the seminar will present current research, practice, and informed thinking pertinent to seismic design, performance, and retrofit of non-structural components and distribution systems in buildings, with a special focus on critical facilities. The seminar components and systems include: supports and bracing for elevator systems, ceilings, partitions, cladding, glazing, contents, water piping systems, and mechanical and electrical equipment. Nonstructural components or systems in facilities with critical functions (e.g., computer centers, hospitals, manufacturing plants with especially hazardous materials, museums with fragile/valuable collection items) are of special interest.

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