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Structural Materials Technology (SMT): NDE/NDT for Highways and Bridges 2004

The 2004 SMT conference will be held in Buffalo, New York September 14-17, 2004. The conference is sponsored by ASNT, NYSDOT, and FHWA; and co-sponsored by TRB and ASCE. Topics of discussion include: Condition Assessment of Existing Highway Infrastructure, Fabrication and Construction Related Inspections, Health Monitoring of Structures and Pavements, Quantification of Bridge Deterioration, Implementation of NDE/NDT Technologies, Inspection and Evaluation Challenges Faced by State DOTís, Detection of Premature Failures, Inspection and Evaluation of Fiber Reinforced Polymer (FRP) Material and FRP Structures, Innovative Sensors for Civil Infrastructure, Long-Term Monitoring of Bridges and Highways, Inspection of Light Poles and Sign Supports and Training and Certification of Inspection Personnel.

The call for papers can be found on the ASNT website at and papers can be submitted online at

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