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MCEER’s Research on Nonstructural Components Featured at ATC-29-2 Seminar

atc logoThe third in a series of seminars on seismic design, performance and retrofit of nonstructural components in buildings and industrial structures was held October 23-24, 2003 in Newport Beach, California. Held by MCEER and the Applied Technology Council (ATC), the focus of this seminar was on nonstructural components and systems in facilities with critical functions, such as computer centers, hospitals, manufacturing plants with especially hazardous materials, and museums with fragile/valuable collection items. Components and systems covered include: supports and bracing for elevator systems, ceilings, partitions, cladding, glazing, contents, water piping systems, and mechanical and electrical equipment.

The steering committee was chaired by MCEER affiliates Tsu T. Soong, University at Buffalo, and Chris Rojahn, ATC, and included MCEER investigators Mircea Grigoriu, Cornell University, George Lee, MCEER, Manos Maragakis, University of Nevada at Reno and Andrew Whittaker, University at Buffalo. Many other MCEER researchers presented papers on their research work, on topics ranging from individual components (ceiling systems, hospital piping systems, base-isolated power transformers, elevators) to the use of advanced technologies (semi-active control devices) to measuring the seismic resilience of communities.

The seminar clearly showed that the field of nonstructural components research and development is expanding rapidly, and that new initiatives and experimental facilities are needed to further expand knowledge in this important area. The proceedings, ATC-29-2: Proceedings of Seminar on Seismic Design, Performance and Retrofit of Nonstructural Components in Critical Facilities are available from ATC, phone (650) 595-1542, fax: (650) 593-2320; e-mail:, or via the web site at Proceedings from the first two seminars, held October 3-4, 1990 in Irvine and January 22-23 in San Francisco, are also available through ATC.

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