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HSRC Meets to Discuss Research Progress and Upcoming Publications

MCEER's Highway Project hosted a meeting of its advisory board, the Highway Seismic Research Council (HSRC) on September 23, 2004 in Buffalo, New York. On the agenda were the review of project deliverables nearing completion, including the seismic risk analysis software REDARS, and two design manuals, one for Seismic Isolation of Highway Bridges, and another for Seismic Retrofitting of Highway Truss Bridges. The HSRC also listened to progress on several major technical reports that will be released next year: Fragility Information for Seismic Design of Bridges, Foundation Design for Bridges, Liquefaction and Remediation of Silty Soils, and Post Earthquake NDE of RC Pier Columns. The HSRC is chaired by Dr. John Kulicki, President and CEO, Modjeski and Masters, Inc.

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