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MCEER Movers & Shakers

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  • Michael Constantinou (l) and Andrei Reinhorn (r)

MCEER Investigators Receive CERF Award for Innovation

Long time MCEER investigators Michael Constantinou and Andrei Reinhorn, both of the Department of Civil, Structural and Environmental Engineering at the University at Buffalo, received this year’s CERF Charles Pankow Award for Innovation recognizing collaborative design, development and construction efforts. The two professors worked with WSP Cantor Seinuk, Enrique Martinez Romero S.A. and Taylor Devices Inc., all of which shared in the award, to develop a new system for bracing building walls. They applied the system to Torre Major, the tallest office tower in Mexico City. The new system should help the tower to withstand an earthquake and become operational again almost immediately afterwards.

CERF, the Civil Engineering Research Foundation, is an affiliate of the American Society of Civil Engineers and works with the construction, engineering, design and environmental industries to promote innovation and improve productivity. The Pankow award goes to an organization involved in a collaborative effort that demonstrates innovation that’s transferred into practice, increasing productivity and performance.

Shinozuka Appointed to NRC Committee

  • M. Shinozuka

Professor M. Shinozuka, MCEER Executive Committee member and long time researcher, was appointed to the NRC Committee on “Enhancement of Crisis Management ­ Improving the Use of Information Technology in Disaster Preparedness, Response, and Recovery.” The activity of this committee is within the domain of National Academies’ Computer Science and Telecommunications Board (CSTB). Professor Shinozuka is the only member representing civil engineering. The 14 members of this committee, which includes Ellis Stanley, chair of MCEER’s Industrial Advisory Board, all have IT experience related to crisis management. CSTB is “where the nation turns for independent and informed assessments of computing, communications, and public policy. Composed of leaders in information technology and complementary fields from industry and academia, CSTB is unique in its scope and its interdisciplinary approach to technical, economic, social, and policy issues.” His appointment was effective July 1, 2005.

  • J. Kulicki

John Kulicki Receives Lifetime Service Award

John Kulicki, Chair of MCEER’s Highway Seismic Research Council, received a lifetime service award in recognition of his work, particularly for his efforts in working toward AASHTO LRFD implementation. The award was presented by Bridge Engineering Association Chairman Khaled Mahmoud, Ph.D., P.E., at the New York City Bridge Conference on September 12, 2005. More information can be found at



ImageCat Wins 2005 Geospatial Solutions Applications Contest

The MCEER team at ImageCat, Inc. placed first in the 2005 Geospatial Solutions Applications Contest for their use of the VIEWS system following Hurricane Charley. The contest honors those who have used geospatial technologies in innovative and creative ways. Visit the Geospatial Solutions website for a description of the winning project.


  • Jill Tarabula

Staff News

Jill Tarabula has joined MCEER as Information Specialist with the Information Service (IS) office. She completed her MLS degree in May 2005, and was the Reference Research Assistant at IS last year while attending classes at the University at Buffalo. Jill will primarily be responsible for providing reference service to our patrons using a variety of resources, both electronic and print. She also manages our library collections, contributes to the newsletter, and reviews the Web site and handouts for revisions.


  • Hector Velasco (c), UB President John Simpson (l) and Provost Satish K. Tripathi (r).

Hector Velasco, MCEER’s Graphic Media Specialist and Scientific Illustrator, was honored for 30 years of service at the University at Buffalo at a reception held on May 24, 2005. The reception, held for nearly 100 faculty and staff members invited for completing 40 and 30 years of service, was hosted by UB President John B. Simpson and Provost Satish K. Tripathi. Hector was also honored at a Service Recognition Ceremony by the School of Engineering and Applied Sciences (SEAS) on June 13, 2005.

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