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New Technical Reports

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Proceedings of the Third PRC-US Workshop on Seismic Analysis and Design of Special Bridges

Edited by L.C. Fan and G.C. Lee, 4/20/05, MCEER-05-0003, 268 pages, $35.00

book coverThe proceedings are the result of the third in a series of international workshops on seismic analysis and design of special bridges collaboratively arranged by MCEER and the State Key Laboratory for Disaster Reduction in Civil Engineering, Tongji University, Shanghai, China. The workshop series is sponsored by the Federal Highway Administration and the National Science Foundation of China. The workshop themes include bridge fragility analysis, construction materials for seismic resistant structures, near-fault ground motion, comparison of seismic bridge codes, nonlinear isolation bearings, test methods for bridge piers, risk assessment procedures, and case studies. This volume contains 20 papers addressing a wide range of topics, and includes the workshop agenda and list of participants.

More information about the Workshop is available on the MCEER website.

Approaches for the Seismic Retrofit of Braced Steel Bridge Piers and Proof-of-Concept Testing of an Eccentrically Braced Frame with Tubular Link

By J.W. Berman and M. Bruneau, 4/21/05, MCEER 05-0004, 168 pages, $30.00

This report identifies, categorizes, and qualitatively compares several options for the seismic retrofit of truss braced steel bridge piers. Through these comparisons, two promising strategies that lacked fundamental research necessary for implementation were identified: laterally stable links for eccentrically braced frames, and design of supplemental retrofit systems for protection of existing elements. An initial theoretical and experimental investigation on the first topic, using links with hybrid rectangular cross-sections to achieve the desired performance, is described. Basic fractographic analysis of the failure surface of the link flange indicated a combination of ductile cyclic crack propagation followed by brittle fracture through the remaining material. Fracture was found to initiate at the toe of stiffener welds. Finally, the energy dissipation of the link was shown to be stable with increasing energy dissipation per cycle up to failure.

Seismic Safety in California Hospitals: Assessing an Attempt to Accelerate the Replacement or Seismic Retrofit of Older Hospital Facilities

By D.J. Alesch, L.A. Arendt and W.J. Petak, 6/3/05, MCEER-05-0006, 104 pages, $25.00

This is the second of three reports to be published resulting from a project on overcoming obstacles to implementing hazard mitigation policies against extreme events. This report focuses on the development and implementation of a California law requiring enhanced seismic safety in acute care hospitals built before 1973, known as SB 1953. It traces the history of California’s efforts to enhance seismic safety by retrofitting buildings through legislation, leading up to the passage of SB 1953. It then outlines the development of the provisions of SB 1953, and describes their impact and extent on the healthcare industry. Finally, the various responses of the healthcare industry are discussed. This case study will help to identify important insights into the implications of how public regulatory policy is designed, the importance of how programs intended to implement policy are designed, the importance of context to implementation, the unanticipated consequences of policy implementation, and how organizations that are impacted by the policies respond to them.

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