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Partners’ Participation Adds to Coordination of MCEER Hospital Research
IAB Members, Investigators and Students Meet to Review/Plan Studies

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Doug Taylor (Taylor Devices) drove in from his office in North Tonawanda, NY. Greg Meeuwsen (Trane) and Dick Sherren (Kinetics Noise Control) came from Wisconsin and Ohio, respectively. Jay Lewis (Terra Firm Earthquake Preparedness), Al LaRoche (ISAT Seismic Bracing), Jay Love (Degenkolb), Pat Marks (York), and others traveled the “information superhighway.”

Although they came from different points via different transportation, either in person or through cyberspace, all arrived at the same place for the same purpose: to take part in the review and planning of MCEER’s Thrust Area 2 (TA2) research program: Seismic Retrofit of Acute Care Facilities.

Held on December 16, 2005, at the University at Buffalo, MCEER’s TA2 Coordination meeting welcomed Industry Advisory Board (IAB) members, investigators, and students alike, for a day of technical presentations and discussions – all aimed at advancing the progress of structural and nonstructural studies within MCEER’s hospital research program. Together, more than 30 people participated.

The overall goal of MCEER’s hospital research is to ensure that acute care facilities – those necessary for emergency medical services – remain standing and fully functional following damaging earthquakes. To this end, studies focus on the performance of hospital buildings (structural), the protection of equipment and contents (nonstructural components), and the development of decision support models for use by hospital administrators and owners. The decision support models are tools to help hospital decision makers consider and evaluate seismic performance and protection upgrades in a “big picture” context that includes economic and other organizational concerns (see article).

Objectives of the meeting were to: (1) provide updates on the integrated research activities that are currently taking place toward the above goals, (2) review and discuss concepts for next year’s research, and (3) identify any specific research needs within the program.

Twelve presentations were made on progress of the current year’s research (10/1/2005 – 9/30/2006), and proposed further studies for the coming year, beginning October 1, 2006.

Presentations focused on seismic issues within the healthcare industry, including the performance of piping systems, fragility of nonstructural components (contents and equipment) and performance of these systems within structures equipped with seismic isolation or damper technologies, healthcare decision making and policy implementation, and evolutionary methods to assist decision making on seismic upgrades.

Members of MCEER’s Strategic Partnerships Network and the IAB can view the webcast and download presentations.

For more information, contact at (716) 645-5151



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