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MCEER Bulletin, Volume 20, Number 2, Summer 2006

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Volume 20, Number 2, Summer 2006

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REDARS Software Released at Pilot Workshop

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Charles Huyck presents course material during the REDARS workshop

On March 15-16, 2006, MCEER presented a pilot users’ workshop for REDARS 2.0 in San Francisco, California. Twenty-six individuals participated, representing 11 state Departments of Transportation interested in reducing the vulnerability of their highway infrastructure to damage from earthquakes. Developers of the new REDARS software (for Risks due to Earthquake DAmage to Roadway Systems) presented a live demonstration of the program and distributed copies for the DOT’s use.

Since the mid-1990’s, MCEER’s investigators have collaborated on the development of a new methodology for the analysis of earthquake damage to highway systems. The latest version of REDARS accounts for how earthquake damage affects post-event traffic flows and travel times, and estimates losses from these travel-time and traffic-flow impacts. The objective of the workshop was to familiarize users with how this software can be used to guide pre-earthquake planning and assessment of seismic improvement options as well as post-earthquake response in real time after an actual earthquake.

Phil Yen, FHWA’s seismic specialist, opened the workshop with remarks about the past research on seismic risk assessment and challenged DOT’s to put this new tool to use and benefit from it. Lead presenters were Stuart Werner, Seismic Systems and Engineering Consultants and Ron Eguchi, ImageCat, Inc. Other instructors were Charles Huyck and Sungbin Cho, ImageCat, Inc., Jean-Paul Lavoie, Geodesy and Craig Taylor, Natural Hazards Management Inc. The workshop was dedicated to the memory of Jim Cooper, whose vision initiated Federal Highway research in this area.